Mar. 13th, 2015 02:21 pm
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I only found this article when looking for more info about how to goldfish as realistically and as helpfully as possible.

It gives info about a lot more keywords than I was mystified by.

What I actually want to address is how to goldfish beneficially and I'm certainly no expert on this. Fundamentally you are playing an imaginary game, you should practice 7 and 6 card hands on the play and on the draw. First thing to decide is do you keep it - that's a subject for another article - though a basic rule is knowing how many lands your deck has and thus what is an ok opening hand. No land and all land hands go, one land or one non land hands almost always go, two land hands will depend on your deck and what the other cards in your hand are.

As yet I haven't found an article to share. At the moment there are two ways that I do it and a third that I want to start trying.

One if to assume no interaction, though you should probably use some mana to pay for your protection/removal not just investing it all in creatures.

Two is to guess some typical interactions, that Seeker of the Way you played on turn two isn't there by turn three. This is my main practice method as it allows for a variety of decks opposite.

Three is the one I haven't yet tried which is to hypothesise an oppponent, maybe abzan aggro and then respond to the kind of things you expect them to throw at you - can you deal with a turn four siege rhino and prevent them from making a fleecemane lion obvious.

I think goldfishing is still very beneficial even if you have opportunities against really opponents - it's how you figure out interactions in your deck (which you may well have designed it to create), it helps your brain remember those interactions, it allows you to test places where you have a choice of play.

I'm off to goldfish the standard deck I'm playing at FNM tonight....
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